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About JK Rowling and Hermione (2007): "JK Rowling based the character on herself, so obviously she will have had a very strong idea of how she would develop, but maybe I have played a small part in the way she is growing up. It would be very flattering if I had. But I think that naturally I am so like Hermione anyway. J K Rowling has been really lovely and very supportive of the films - she comes on set and she is in e-mail contact with a lot of us. She just said to me, "You are Hermione, you have completely become her," which was just so nice and so generous of her.'"

Watson Weekly Issue 16

Issue 016 - 28 April 2008

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She's So Lovely by Kiakkia
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Sweet Child O' Mine by Borislava
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Freak Out by Lammii
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