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About Mike Newell (2005): "Mike really treated me like an adult and he refused to tell me what to do, he wanted it to come from me and he really challenged me and pushed me."

Jo's Story

Scooby Doo 2 Premiere

A Few Days ago..I had a Hunch!...Something in my head was telling me that I should attend the Scooby Doo 2 premiere in London because Emma Watson would be there..I had no clue wether she would be or I decided to go with My gut feeling. I thought that being as Scooby doo 2 was known to be showing the Premiere of the Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer..which was the case with Scooby Doo the Original..Emma May just turn up...and she did.

A few "Z" list Celebrities got their first and I was just thinking "Move along!" (lol) Then I heard loads and loads of Screaming..I couldn't hear who they were screaming at....

I squinted a bit and saw in the distance the tall-ish slim frame of Miss Emma Watson! I was practically peeing my pants by now and I was a few Rows back from the Front of the Sealed of I slowly tried to push myself forward! I am only 5"0 in height which let me tell you sucks out Loud at events like this! After the photographers went a bit crazy for her she started making her way up through the Crowd Signing autographs for all the lucky People! I didn't manage to get her Autograph myself but I was not too Upset as I already have it (From the CoS London Premiere) Emma stayed out for around 5-10 minutes signing Autographs and Waving at all the Crowd..she was with her Brother & her Dad. Eventually she went inside..Giving a huge smile & a wave to the Crowd.

Several Minutes Later..Tom Felton now I had to cross my legs because I nearly Peed myself....again! (lol) Tom just went wround doing basically what Emma did...Getting Interviewed, Signing Autographs and waving. He also stayed out for around 10 minutes!

Both seemed very relaxed & Sweet! and I want to thank them for making my "Hunch" come true :)